Air Gun shooting at any level, requires personal safety disciplines when handling Air Rifles and Air Pistols. To take part in this activity at North Oxon FTC, we insist on adherence to our rules whilst present at the club.

These are some key points which apply to both members and visitors. A full list of rules is available.

  • All Air Guns and Air Pistols brought into the club must operate within legal air gun power limits applicable to England & Wales. Air Rifles max limit of 12 ft lb – Air Pistols max limit 6 ft lb. Any Air weapons over these limits, even if the owner holds a Firearms certificate (FAC) are not permitted by NOFTC. All Rifles and Pistols undergo regular power checks at the club.
  • Air rifles & pistols must be carried muzzle down when at NOFTC. No pellets are to be loaded whilst the rifle / pistol is moved away from the shooting line.
  • Never point Air Rifles & pistols at anything except provided targets
  • NOFTC operates a whistle policy to alert shooters to cease fire. 1 Blast cease fire, 2 blasts resume shooting. Any loaded weapons at the point of 1 blast, should be discharged into the ground towards the target.
  • All persons must use the sign-in books on arrival at the club
  • Any person deemed unfit to use a Air weapon through drink, drugs or otherwise will be asked to leave the premises immediately.
  • Children between the ages of 10 and 18 years old, must be accompanied at all times by an adult (21+) whilst at the club.
  • Do not touch other person’s Rifles or Pistols without the owners permission first.