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What is Field Target (FT ) and Hunter Field Target (HFT)

There is a vast amount of information available on the internet about FT and HFT , some of which goes into great detail. This is just a very basic introduction for those who are starting out.

Metal targets (many in the size and shape of vermin – Crows, Rats etc) are placed out at varying distances up to 55 yards from a shooting ‘line’, usually in a woodland environment. Each of these targets has a ‘kill’ zone circle typically 15 – 40 mm diameter which, if successfully hit, will cause the target to fall over thus scoring points. Targets are re-settable by pulling a string. The Field Target (FT) discipline is mostly about judging the all-important distance to the target as best as possible by using telescopic sight adjustments and then applying the shot whilst generally in a sitting position.

Hunter Field Target (HFT) is similar but the adjustment of telescopic sights is not permitted and the shooter must judge the distance mostly by eye and other non-mechanical methods. This requires mostly a prone shooting position whilst touching a peg in the ground. Of course, being a good shot also helps !